Lt.Col. Anthony (Tony) Bevacqua (USAF-Retired)
Chairman, Beale Military Liaison Committee
P.O. Box 1808
Yuba City, CA 95992


Tony, son of a Sicilian immigrant, was born in Cleveland, Ohio on 7 Oct 1932. After graduating from high school, he enlisted in the USAF on 29 February 1952. He began Aviation Cadet Pilot Training Program in January 1953, graduating 14 April 1954, rated and commissioned the same day. First assignment following fighter gunnery training was 508th Strategic Fighter Wing, Turner AFB, GA, flying the F-84 G and F. The 508th was deactivated in 1956 and became the 4080th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, with RB-57D and U-2 aircraft.

In the cockpit of U-2A #696 while at RAAF Laverton, Australia

His first Mach 3 flight, getting a Mach 3+ pin by Bill Hayes, Wing Commander
Tony checked out in the U-2 at Groom Lake (Area 51), March 1957. The 4080th was moved to Laughlin AFB, TX in 1957, and moved again in 1963 to Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. Tony reported to Air Command and Staff College, AL, leaving the U-2 program in the summer of 1965 after accumulating 2002 flight hours.  Following ACSC, assigned to Beale AFB, CA to fly the SR-71. Retired at Beale AFB, 31 March 1973 with 738 hours in the SR-71.
Tony Bevacqua and Jerry Crew, with 973 at Beale

Shaking hands with John Wayne (sons, Pat & Mike behind him) after giving him a Lone Star beer, at Laughlin AFB, Texas. He was making the film "The Alamo" about 25 miles away.


Following his USAF career, Tony was in the real estate and real estate lending business until 31 December 1999. Married to Marilyn (Carroll), they have five children, and nine grandchildren. Tony enjoys autos (Corvettes, 1959 Imperial convertible, 1961 Chrysler 300-G), racquetball, spectator sports, volunteer work, and civic/charitable organizations. Tony has been a member of BMLC over 20 years, and was elevated to Chairman in Feb 1989.

After first flight with RSO Jim Kogler

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