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last updated July 25, 2019

If you haven't seen them already, be sure to check out:

John Stone's blackbird page

Leland Haynes' blackbird page

Two of the oldest blackbird pages on the net, and still two of the best

Contributors to Habu.Org:
Blackbird Pages:
Habu Museums:
  • National Museum of Naval Aviation --- no blackbirds, but much too good a museum to pass up

  • Aviation Enthusiast's Corner - extremely thorough resource for museums and airshows - link down
  • The Cold War Museum - by Francis Gary Powers, Jr.
  • Clocks by Sid - unique Blackbird clocks; proceeds benefit the Blackbird Association - link down
  • Sky's the Limit Aviation Specialties - the ultimate blackbird gift shop - link down
  • WorldWide Aircraft Recovery, Ltd. - top-notch aircraft transportation team
  • KG Wings Scale Model Museum - model aircraft only, but they are the BEST (seeing is believing)

  • Real "Habus" (includes ground crews):
    Blackbird articles online:
    Personal blackbird pages:
    Other "black aircraft" pages:
    Other aircraft-specific pages:
    • B-2 Spirit - from David Hastings
    • B-36 Peacemaker - outstanding page from the "Goleta Air and Space Museum"
    • B-36 Peacemaker - yet another great page on the last of the prop-powered bombers
    • C-5A Galaxy - outstanding site with firsthand info by Mike Neely
    • Concorde - outstanding site on the fastest commercial aircraft ever
    • Concorde - another good site for Concorde fans
    • F-111 Aardvark - nice page from Down Under
    • F-117A Nighthawk - outstanding site from Kevin Helm on another Skunkworks creation
    • KC-## - Air Refueling Archive - outstanding tribute to all refueling birds
    • U-2/SR-71 - Blackbirds.Net (John Stone's Blackbird Page), one of the first blackbird web pages and still one of the best. An excellent source for blackbird news; don't miss his Blackbird Timeline
    • XB-70 Valkyrie - Steve Levin's tribute to one of the 2 most beautiful airplanes ever
    • X-32 and X-35 - Original collectibles on both proposed Joint Strike Fighters

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