Buddy Brown and Dave Jensen with 970 - photo via Phil Loignon
Buddy Brown and Dave Jensen with 970 - 1st SRS photo via Phil Loignon

closeup of 61-7970 from 1st SRS squadron photo below - photo via Phil Loignon

958 and 970 were the two airframes used in the group portrait of the 1st Strategic Reconnaisance Squadron taken on May 27, 1967.

1st SRS group photo, including enlisted men.  1st SRS photo via Phil Loignon
In the front row, from left to right are: Sgt Dave Gallard, Jack Kennon (Ops Officer), Ray Haupt (1RS Commander), Hal Confer (DCO), Bill Hayes (9SRW Commander), Charles Minter (9SRW Vice Commander), John Boynton (99SRS Commander), Harlon Hain (Ops Officer) & MSgt Loignon. The pilots are in the second row, with their RSOs directly behind them, again starting from the left: Storrie/Mallozzi, Sowers/Sheffield, Hichew/Schmittou, Collins/Seagroves, Bill Campbell/Pennington, Halloran/Jarvis, Brown/Jensen, Dale Shelton/Boggess, O'Malley/Payne, Walbrecht/Loignon, Boone/Vick, Bevacqua/Crew, Watkins/Dempster, DeVall/Shoemaker, Spencer/Branham, McCallum/Locke, St. Martin/Carnochan, Bull/McNeer, Powell/Kendrick, Daubs/Roetcisoender, Bobby Campbell/Kraus, Kardong/Coleman, Maier/Casey, Fruehauf/Mathers, and Hudson/Ferrell. - info courtesy of Dr. Coy Cross, Beale AFB 9RW/HO

1st SRS group photo, officers only.  1st SRS photo via Phil Loignon
The same lineup as above, only without Sgt. Gallard and MSgt. Loignon.


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