Det-2 Crews
Edwards AFB

The first 6 Det-2 crewmen: Jim Greenwood, Don Watkins, Mike Finan, Gil Luloff, Blair Bozek, and Tom McLeary - photo courtesy of Tony Landis

In 1995, after a 5 year hiatus from active duty, the SR-71 was put back in the USAF inventory by Congressional order.  Pictured above are the first 6 crewmen selected to fly the SR-71 out of Det-2 at Edwards AFB.  In 1997 another pilot and RSO were added to the program; unfortunately, Garrison and Ochotorena only got a few flights in before the Program was cancelled for the second and final time.

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Blair Bozek and Tom McLeary Jim Greenwood and Don Watkins
Blair Bozek and Tom McCleary
Jim Greenwood and Don Watkins
Mike Finan and Gil Luloff
Dom Ochotorena and Bert Garrison
Mike Finan and Gil Luloff
Dom Ochotorena and Bert Garrison

all crew photos courtesy of Tony Landis


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