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January 27, 2024:   Added a review of Paul Crickmore's final book.  Also added 2 entries to the Events page courtesy of Tom Danielson and Frank Martinez.

December 8:   Updated disposition of KC-135T 59-1940.

November 26:   Updated location info on 18 different KC-135 tankers.

May 21, 2023:   5 new photos showing the latest makeover for 979.

July 6:   3 new listing added to the Events page courtesy of Jerry Glasser.

February 1:   Updated the Events page.

January 9, 2022:   Seven new photos of 925 by Frank Desisto courtesy of Scott Koen.

October 5:   Six new photos of 976 courtesy of Greg O'Hara.  Also updated some info on 924.

June 14:   Another update for the Events page.

February 23, 2021:   Updated the Events page.

December 26:   Added the complete flight history for 939.

October 3:   Updated the Events page.

February 18, 2020:   Updated the Events page.

September 19:   New photos of 940, 510, and N1352B added.

August 28:   New photo of 91468 added.

August 27:   Updated the locations of D-21's 529, 530, 531, 532, 535, and 536.  These would be the first airframes in blackbird history to be cut up as scrap.

June 21:   Two additions to the Events page.

April 6:   More new vintage photos of 91462, 91490, and 17972.

March 19:   Updated the Events page with a submission by Frank Martinez.

March 9:   New vintage photos of 91464, 80125, and 17961 courtesy of Jerry Horvat.

February 18, 2019:   Posted a review of Chuck Miller's new book.

December 6:   New photo of 80065 added.

November 6:   Four new photos of 932 added, one them photobombed by 59-1520.

September 16:   New photo and info added to the 957 page, plus an update to the Events page.

April 21:   Another update to the Events page.

February 3:   Updated the Events page with another submission by Frank Martinez.

January 7, 2018:   Updated the Books/Videos page with a submission by Tony Landis, and the Events page with a submission by Frank Martinez.

August 23:   Added photo of 91480 courtesy of BC Thomas.

August 13:   Two historic photos of 930 courtesy of TD Barnes, plus 8 new ones posted.

August 10:   Two new historic photos of 928 posted courtesy of TD Barnes.

August 8:   Added 9 photos of 973.  Long overdue.

August 7:   New photo of KC-135T tanker 80060.

July 17:   New vintage photo of KC-135Q/T tanker 91471.

May 28:   New photos of KC-135Q/T tankers 80072, 80099, 80117, 91467, and 91523 added.

May 24:   New archive photos of KC-135Q tankers 80045, 80062, 80094, 80125, 91513, and 00342 added.

May 19:   New original photo of 963 courtesy of Mike Giersch.

March 11:   Added page for Commemorative Plaques being offered through the Blackbird Association.

January 17:   Posted reviews of Oxcart Convoy and The Projects of Skunkworks on the Books/Videos page.

January 3, 2017:   Updated the Events page courtesy of Rich Graham.

December 31:   Posted a review of Paul Crickmore's Lockheed Blackbird - Beyond the Secret Missions (Revised) on the Books/Videos page.

December 28:   Two more vintage KC-135Q photos, one each of 80042 and 80046.  Also added info from Paul Crickmore regarding 80054.

December 14:   Added vintage photos of KC-135Q 80042, 80050, 80103, 91470, 91504, and 00335.

December 13:   Posted a review of Bill Flanagan's SR-71 Flight Test Memories on the Books/Videos page.

October 13:   Added two photos of 80054.

October 12:   Updated the Links page.

October 11:   New photo of 931 courtesy of the CIA Public Affairs Office.

October 7:   Added vintage photos of 929, 981, and 80047.

October 6:   Photos of 925's journey from Palmdale to New York City, courtesy of Scott Koen.

October 4:   Posted a review of a document declassified just this week, courtesy of Name Withheld.

October 3:   Two recent photos of 927 courtesy of Frank Martinez.

October 2:   Four new photos of 968 at the Science Museum of Virginia.  Also added a review of the newest publication of the SR-71 Flight Manual to the Books/Videos page.

September 7:   Review of the latest book from Paul Crickmore.

August 21:   "New" photos of KC-135Q tankers 80042, 80049, and 80071 added.

July 28:   Updated the status of ten KC-135T tankers (80050, 80055, 80069, 80089, 80103, 91462, 91513, 91520, 00335, and 00344).

July 4:   Another update to the Events page.

April 23:   Updated the Events page.  Also added a "new" photo of 80077.

February 18:   Added photo of 59-1512 courtesdy of Robert Bakowski.

February 5, 2016:   Updated the Events page.

December 29:   Review of Rich Graham's fifth book.

November 4:   Review of Paul Crickmore's newest book.

September 12:   Added photo courtesy of Robert Helt.

June 3:   Added photo of 58-0039, which completes the KC-135Q photo collection.

April 22:   Added photo of 60-0338.

March 31:   Fixed 346 broken links on the NASA Mirror page.

March 12:   Updated info on 60-0338.

February 10, 2015:  Updated the Events Page with a submission by Frank Martinez.

November 12:  Three new photos of GTD-21B #528 courtesy of Tony Landis.

September 9:  Updated the Links and 968 pages with the restored link to Dave Hahn's SR-71 Status Reports.  Also updated the 966 page.

July 23:  Updated the Links Page.

May 31:  New entry for the Events Page courtesy of Melissa Grace.

March 27:  Updated the Books/Videos Page with reviews of new books by Bill Yenne and James Quest.

March 25:  Updated the Events Page with a submission from Blair Bozek.

February 19:  Two entries added to the Events Page, courtesy of TD Barnes.

February 6:   New photos of 58-0077 and 59-1468 courtesy of Shawn Monk.

January 29:   New photo of 974 added.

January 13:   2 new photos of 1468 added to the Tanker Gallery, courtesy of Bill Derrickson. Updated the Credits page as well.

January 5, 2014:   New photo of 1510 added to the Tanker Gallery, courtesy of Benn George. Updated the Credits page as well.

December 30:   Added another photo of 0072 to the Tanker Gallery.

December 22:   Added photo of 0077 to the Tanker Gallery.

December 21:   Added photo of 0047 to the Tanker Gallery.

December 16:   Added photos of 0061 and 0343 to the Tanker Gallery.

December 12:   Updated location info on Tagboard Flyer.

December 6:   Added a new section to the web site, dedicated to the KC-135Q, KC-135T, and KC-10A tankers without which the blackbirds couldn't operate. 51 of the surviving 59 tankers are featured.

November 24:   new photos of 974 and 978 added.

November 12:   6 historic photos of 956 added.

November 11:   New page dedicated to the D-21 Drone added. Includes 31 new photos of the D-21, plus photos and updates of the B-52H's used to launch the D-21B.

November 5:  Two new photos of 940.

November 3:  Added another photo of 954; more updates for the Links and Credits pages.

October 3:  Updated the Links Page again.

October 1:  Updated the Events Page.

September 2:  New photos and updated info on 958 and 963.

August 22:  Updated the Links page.

August 20:  Reviews of books by Don Mallick and Bill Gornik added to the Books/Videos Page.

July 29:  Added the seating chart to the 11-blackbird group photo on the 981 page.

July 28:  The Alma Mater and Recollections From the Past Page at Leland Haynes' SR-71 Blackbirds web site (http://www.wvi.com/~sr71webmaster/sr-71~1.htm) has been restored, with the recovery of all messages posted since he passed away in November 2010.

July 10:  Three new books by David Robarge, Fitz Fulton, and Davies and Crickmore, plus an overdue review of another book by Paul Crickmore added to the Books/Videos Page.

July 9:  Another update for the Events Page submitted by Frank Martinez.

June 25:  Updated the Events Page; also updated the Books/Videos Page with links to several blackbird books that are now available as eBooks.

June 11:  Updated the Links Page and Books/Videos Page with a link to Terry Pappas' web site.

May 8:  Added a review of the newest book from Richard Graham to the Books/Videos Page.

January 23, 2013:  Two updates for the Events Page.

December 9:  New book by SR-71 pilot Terry Pappas added to the Books/Videos Page. Updated the Links Page as well.

April 13:  Another update to the Events Page.

April 8:  9 new photos of 979.

April 4:  Updated the Events Page.

February 26, 2012:  New photo of 931 courtesy of the CIA Public Affairs Office.

June 9:  Updated the 972 page with 11 new photos.

June 5:  New link added to the Links Page.

May 30:  New pic of 979 courtesy of Martin Lupton.

January 7, 2011:  New book by Paul Suhler added to the Books/Videos Page.

November 20:  Updated the Events Page.

June 2:  Updated the Events Page.

March 22, 2010:  New book by Tony Landis added to the Books/Videos Page.

September 27:  Updated the Events Page.

February 16:  Updated the Events Page.

February 9, 2009:  New book by Paul Crickmore added to the Books/Videos Page.

July 25:  Updated the Books/Videos Page with the new book by Col. Richard Graham.

February 28:  Updated the Events Page. Again.

February 20:  Updated the Events Page.

January 17, 2008:  4 historic pics of 963 added courtesy of Jenny Seagroves Dunn.

December 29:  Added review of new book on Jerome O'Malley to the Books/Videos Page.

December 20:  Added 3 photos to the NASA Mirror Page.

September 27:  Updated location info on 927 and 931.

August 9:  Updated the Events Page.

April 7:  Updated information on the demise of 954 courtesy of Craig Freeman of Wright-Patterson AFB.

March 21:  Added link to the 8th Air Force Museum's photo essay of the 967 dedication ceremony to the 967 page courtesy of Mike Kaplan.

January 25, 2007:  Updated the Events page.

October 5:  Updated the Events page.

February 23, 2006:  Updated the Events page.

September 23:  Updated the Events page.

August 3, 2005:  Updated the Events page with a submission by Dennis McLean.

December 21:  Added reviews of new books by Tony Landis and Dennis Jenkins and Paul Crickmore to the Books/Videos page.

October 28:  Updated the Events page.

March 10:  Added link for the J58 Eagles Reunion to the Events page.

March 8, 2004:  Added link for Blackbird Airpark's SR-71 40th Anniversary Celebration to the Events page.

August 10:  Added link for Blackbird Airpark's YF-12 40th Anniversary memorabilia.  Not only do the proceeds go directly to the museum, but you don't have to pay some of the stupid prices that these things tend to go for on Ebay.

July 17:  New page added for limited edition signed SR-71 prints from the Blackbird Association in association with artist John Shaw.

July 14:  Updated the Events page.

July 7:  Added page for back issues of several recent blackbird articles in Air Power magazine.

June 19:  Updated the Events page.

April 7:  Updated the Events page.

March 17:  2 new photos of 964's last flight courtesy of Jim Cornwall.  Credits page updated as well.

March 16:  15 photos of the final move of 980 added courtesy of Tony Landis.

February 24:  Added review of the new book by Jim Goodall and Jay Miller to the Books/Videos page.

February 13:  Site back on line after 17-day "vacation." Site was accessed more than a million times on January 27, and had to be taken off line due to circuit overutilization.

January 9:  Updated photo credit for Dwight Koslowski on 975.

January 6, 2003:  Added entries for the YF-12 and U-2C manuals to the Books/Videos page, as well as a limited time discount offer from the publisher on 4 declassified flight manuals.

December 30:  Added review of the new book from Rich Graham.

November 6:  Info added on the latest book from Rich Graham.

October 11:  Added 2 more links to the links page.

October 8:  Updated location info on 962 courtesy of Andy Elvers.

September 26:  Yet another entry for the Events page.  Also updated flight time info on 966.

September 1:  Updated the Events page with more details on the event at the Air Force Museum.

August 18:  Another entry for the Events page.

August 12:  2 entries added to the Events page.

July 29:  Updated the Books/Videos page.

July 18:  2 new photos of 967 courtesy of AFFTC's Doug Nelson.

June 26:  Fixed some broken links.

June 2:  Four new photos of 955 added.

May 20:  Addition to the Events page courtesy of Paul Trainor.

May 1:  Added review of Habu and Dragonlady: Behind the Scenes to the Books/Videos page.

April 21:  4 new photos of 955 courtesy of Doug Nelson, and one of 927 courtesy of Tony Landis.  Also updated the links page.

February 14:  Minor revision of the Events page (date changed from March 21 to March 28).

February 10, 2002:  Added another listing to the Events page.

December 7:  Updated the Events page.

November 16:  Added photo from Dan Parker on the 2001 March Field Open Cockpit Day.

October 27:  Review of Kelly's Way added to the Books/Videos page.

October 12:  Added photos from the Virginia Aviation Museum's 2001 SR-71 Forum.

October 8:  Updated the Events page.

October 3:  Added review of Mission to Chara to the Books/Videos page.

September 25:  Added photo to the NASA Mirror page.

September 12:  Updated info on the Events page.

September 2:  Added review of the new SR-71 Flight Manual to the Books/Videos page.

August 30:  Fixed the links to Keith Goodman's page on the links and 979 pages.

August 26:  Added 7 more reviews to the Books/Videos Page.

August 15:  Updated the Events page.

July 29:  Added 4 new recent photos of 927 courtesy of Kevin Helm. Also added new photos of 934, 940, three of 950 and one of 953, courtesy of Tony Landis.

July 15:  Busy day: added new photo of 957, two of 965, three of 969 and 970, and two each of 977 and 981.  Muchas muchas gracias to Phil Loignon.

July 14:  Updated the Events page. Happy Bastille Day.

July 5:  Added link to Robb Magley's web page on the 966 page.

June 28:  Updated the Events page.

June 22:  Added 4 photos of the 962 VIP Dedication Ceremony courtesy of Stephen Walker (also updated Credits page).

June 20:  New group photo added to the NASA Mirror page.

May 22:  Added 2 photos each of 952, 957, and 981, courtesy of Tony Landis.

May 13:  7 new pics and expanded write-up on 924. New photo of 941. New photo of 955, with writeup by Donn Byrnes. 3 new color photos of 957, all thanks to Tony Landis.

May 6:  Added 4 new museum photos of 938.

April 30:  4 new photos of 967 taken at the 1989 Paris Air Show by Jean-Marc Blanchard, as well as a bonus photo of the "Secret Paris Meeting" courtesy of Steve Grzebiniak and Jim Greenwood.

April 21:  Added photo of 931 from Jaimie Bahl.

April 11:  5 new photos of the unveiling of 962 courtesy of Ben Rogers.  Also updated the Credits, Links, Events, and Events Archive pages.

April 9:  Updated the Events Page again.

April 4:  Updated the Events Page with info on 962's delivery schedule, courtesy of Stephen Walker and John Stone.

April 1:  Added 3 new reviews and reorganized the Books/Videos Page.

March 28:  Updated the NASA Mirror Page with 27 resized hi-res images courtesy of NASA/Dryden.

March 5:  Added photo of 978 courtesy of John Stone.

February 27:  Updated the events page and 962's page with new info on her delivery to the U.K.

February 16:  Updated the events page.

January 31:  New photos of 956 and 980 courtesy of Tony Landis.

January 27:  New photo of 955 courtesy of John Stone.

January 21:  Added 2 photos of 931 courtesy of Jim Goodall, from his forthcoming book.

January 15:  New photo of 940 via Ron Girouard.

January 14:  Added photo essay on the History of 971's Tail Art, including 8 new photos courtesy of Lockheed, John Freedman, and Tony Landis.

January 8, 2001:  New photos of 925, 926, and 927, courtesy of Tony Landis.

December 28:  Added 10 more photos of 963, courtesy of Steven Myatt, Jim Goodall and the US Geological Survey.

December 11:  17 more original action shots of 979, courtesy of Steven Myatt.

December 2:  10 new photos of 964, courtesy of Lockheed, John Trionfo and John Freedman.

November 24:  9 vintage photos of 979 in action, courtesy of Steven Myatt.

November 23:  37 photos from the SR-71 Forum 2000 added to the Events archive.

November 10:  Updated the links page.

October 28:  New photos of 935 and 951 courtesy of NASA.

October 23:  2 new photos of 951 courtesy of NASA.

October 22:  Updated the Events page.

October 10:  Added new NASA photo of a P-51 with all four flyable SR-71s visible in the background, to the NASA Mirror page.

October 7:  14 new photos of 940 and one of 936; rescanned photos of 928 and 932.

October 6:  2 new photos of 980 by Jim Ross, courtesy of Tony Landis.

October 3:  5 new photos of 967 with the last USAF crews, courtesy of Tony Landis.  New crew photo of 935, also courtesy of Tony.  YF-12 photo and "war stories" courtesy of Ray Scalise.  Updated info on 968.

September 21:  New photo of 968.

September 10:  Added review of the latest book from Paul Crickmore to the Books/Videos page.

September 3:  Added another review to the Books/Videos page.

September 2:  13 new photos of 981.

August 9:  4 new photos of 975 courtesy of Shayne Meder and Paul Trainor.  Updated pages for 975 and 978 accordingly.  New review in the Books & Videos page.

August 7:  Added photos to the Events Archive of the open cockpit celebration at March Field Museum courtesy of Paul Trainor.  Updated photo credits on the NASA Mirror page courtesy of Tony Landis.

August 5:  New photo & updated info on 958.

July 29:  Addition to the Events page courtesy of Paul Trainor.

July 27:  New photo and location update on 977 courtesy of Joe Tomasone.

July 25:  Expanded write-ups on the demise of 941 and 952.

July 18:  Updated the NASA Mirror Page with 30 high-res photos courtesy of NASA/Dryden.

July 15:  Added 53 photos of the September 1999 launch of 980.

July 14:  Re-scanned photos of 962.

July 7:  4 new photos of 979 courtesy of Joe Tomasone.

July 6:  New photos of 937 and 955.

June 29:  New photos of 959 and 970 courtesy of Tony Landis and Jim Goodall.

June 21:  Added announcement of SR-71 Forum 2000 to the Events page.  Remember, you heard it here first.

June 20:  New addtion to the Events page courtesy of Rich Graham.

June 11:  Review of MiG Pilot added to the Books/Videos page.

June 4:  Added 3 more reviews to the Books/Videos page.

May 13:  15 new photos of the disassembly of 968 at Edwards AFB in September 1999.

May 1:  Added page for Me and U-2: My Affair with Dragon Lady, a recent book by TSgt Glenn Chapman. The irony of this coinciding with the 35th anniversary of Fox Stephens' speed record in the YF-12 and, more importantly, the 40th anniversary of Gary Powers' being shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960, is not lost on me.

April 29:  New photos of 975 and 979. Review of "Black Magic" added to the Books/Videos page.

April 23:  Finally posted photos from the 2000 Pima Blackbird Symposium, as well as 18 new photos of 951. 2 new book reviews on the Books/Videos page.

April 7:  New addtion to the Events page courtesy of Jim Goodall.

March 12:  Updated location info for 937 and 962.

March 8:  Added link on the 974 page to John Stone's publication of Bill Gornick's account of the birth of the tie-cutting ceremony.

March 1:  New photos of 959 and 976 courtesy of John Stone.

February 29:  Updated the links page.  Finally gave up on the red-on-black color scheme for all pages except the main banner page, due to numerous complaints from visitors who said they were going blind because of it.

February 25:  Updated links and Books/Videos pages with links to "Blackbird Rising," the newest book on the Blackbird by Donn Byrnes and Kenneth Hurley.

February 18:  Updated info on the loss of 978 courtesy of Tom Pugh.

February 13:  New photo of 958 courtesy of John Stone.

February 12:  Added link to Save the Skunk on the Events page (courtesy of Kevin Helm).

February 9:  Additional info on the loss of 932 and the demise of her pilot Jack Weeks, courtesy of Peter Merlin.

February 6:  New photos of 967 and 971, again courtesy of Tony Landis.

February 4:  Updated the whereabouts of 967 and 971, courtesy of Tony Landis.

January 28:  Added another photo of 968 and 5 of 976.

January 18:  New info on the disposition of 962.

January 13:  Updated the links page.

January 10:  Cosmetic change to the links page.

January 2, 2000:  Web site back on line.  3-day outage was a preventative measure by my ISP and not a Y2k problem.

December 29:  Rescanned photo of 981.

December 26:  New photos of 972 and 974.

December 6:  Updated the Links page.

December 5:  New photos of 938, 976, and 979.  2 new photos added to the Sept. 25 Hill AFB "Plane Talk" essay.

December 2:  Update to the Events page courtesy of Kevin Helm.

November 30:  41 photos courtesy of John Freedman from the October 9-10 Edwards Air Force Base Open House.  Updated the Events Archive page.

November 27:  Added photos of the September 25 "Plane Talk" presentation at Hill Aerospace museum.  Update the Events Archive with links to photos of these events; will add more as they become available.

November 25:  New photo and update on the status of 967 and 971 courtesy of Tony Landis.

November 23:  Added photos of Tom Alison's presentation at the Virginia Aviation Museum on November 18.

November 21:  Added photo of 977 courtesy of Tony Landis.  Added 24 photos of the dedication ceremony of 968 at the Virginia Aviation Museum.

November 16:  Updated the Events page with info on the "Aircraft of the Century" contest.

November 11:  7 new photos of 925.  Updated the Events page.

November 7:  Updated the Events page.  2 new photos of 940 courtesy of Michael Popil.

October 29:  Added 7 new photos of 844 being preflighted on September 27, 1999.

October 26:  Habu.Org is one year old today; so far the site has had 20,853 visitors.  A big Thank You to everyone who's stopped by to take a look.

October 25:  Added new section in the Links page for other aircraft-specific pages.

October 21:  3 new photos of 964 by Paul Brokering courtesy of Leo A. Daly Company.

October 19:  Updated the Events page.

October 18:  New color photos of 936, 953, and 954.

October 17:  Updated links and books/videos pages with new links for the Rich Graham pages, which Habu.Org is hosting now that the flybiz page has been taken down.

October 15:  Updated 968's page to make it easier to trace her cross-country journey.  20,000 visitors (not just hits) in 50 weeks of operation - thanks again to everyone who's stopped by.

October 9:  Added review (if you want to call it that) of "SR-71 Najszybszy Samolot Swiata" to the Books/Videos page.

October 2:  3 pics of the other M/D-21, 941.

September 29:  Returned from 5-day weekend with 19 rolls of film and 5 hours of video tape.  Will post new images of 955, 956, 968, 980, and 981 just as soon as possible.  Added more info on 968, and updated the links page.  If you can go to Edwards on October 9th or 10th, go.

September 26:  Updated the Events page - the blackbird WILL BE FLYING at the Edwards Open House.

September 19:  Updated the Events page with info about a POSSIBLE blackbird flight at the Edwards Open House.  More updates regarding this flight will be posted as info becomes available.

September 9:  Updated the Events page.

September 6:  Added photos and updated info on 961.

September 2:  3 new videos for the Multimedia page.

August 30:  2 new photos from NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center added to the NASA Mirror page.

August 29:  Another 10 photos of 956 courtesy of John Freedman.

August 28:  Rescanned photo of 950; updated Links page.

August 22:  Updated the Events page.

August 21:  3 new photos of 933 courtesy of John Freedman.

August 18:  Review of "Supersonics" audio CD added to the Books/Videos page.

August 15:  10 new photos of 956 courtesy of John Freedman and Leland Haynes.  New photos of 927 and 939.  Improved photos of 926.

August 10:  Received news from Richard Foster regarding 968 and 962.  Updated individual pages and Photo Gallery pages, as well as links page.

August 8:  New photo and info (via John Stone) on 937.

August 6:  Added photo and info, as well as fixed a bad link, for 931.

July 31:  3 reviews added to the Books/Videos page.

July 23:  New listing for the events page.

July 22:  New photo of 961.  Added photo of Bill Park to 941's page.  Updated links page.

July 18:  New photo of 962.

July 15:  Reorganized the thumbnails on the main photo gallery page to reflect the transfer of ownership of 4 aircraft from the USAF to NASA (click here for details - thanks to Leland Haynes for the update).  Also updated the individual pages for 956, 967, 971, and 980.

July 12:  3 new listings for the events page submitted by Rich Graham.

July 11:  New section added to the site - the Events Page.

July 9:  Linked the photo on the main page to a copy of the same photo without the URL plastered across the center.  Muchos gracias to Lockheed Martin photographer Eric Schulzinger, who took that amazing photo.

July 5:  New photos of 952 and 934.

July 3:  3 new photos of 979 from Jarmo Lindberg.

June 29:  Tom Mahood's Hunt for 928 has been updated with new info from his FOIA request.  Definitely give it a look.

June 27:  New photos of 967 courtesy of John Freedman, and 978 courtesy of Jim Geddes.

June 26:  "Discovered" new photo of 977 under construction (found a clear copy of the same photo with the number on the gantry legible).

June 23:  New photo of 975 via Carol Stayer.  Minor revisions to the links and what is a habu pages.

June 21:  Updated links for March Field Museum and Edwards Air Force Flight Test Center Museum.

June 16:  New photo and info on 950.  New photos of 959, 960, 971, and 974 courtesy of E.J. van Koningsveld.

June 13:  Updated info on 932 and 974.  Added photos of 963 and 968.

June 8:  2 new photos of 957 added.  Extreme debt of gratitude to Bill Gornik and Fred Carmody for permission to use their photos.

June 7:   Returned from trip to Nevada with new photos of 957, 963, 969, and 975, to be posted later this week.  Updated the credits page accordingly.  Added info to 974's page, including the origins of the name Ichi Ban.

May 24:   Added review of James Goodall's "SR-71 Blackbird" to the Books/Videos section.

May 19:   Renamed the 4 NASA videos in the MultiMedia Gallery, and updated links to reflect NASA's new file names.

May 14:   2 new videos for the MultiMedia Gallery - courtesy of Lockheed and Microsoft (permission pending).

May 7:   Another photo added to the NASA mirror page (EC93-41058-1).

May 3:   10,000 visitors after only 190 days of operation. Thanks to everyone who's visited!

May 1:   Reworked (lightened up) a dozen or so backgrounds to make the text easier to read.

April 22:   New photo of 955 from the Edwards AFB web page.

April 11:   Closeup of 930 courtesy of Glen Overby.  Updated link for U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

April 10:   New and improved scan of 970.

April 4:   Corrected some minor typos on the NASA Mirror page.  Updated info on 951.

March 19:   New video from NASA/DFRC (EM-0018-01) added to the multimedia gallery.

March 18:   Found photo of 970 after Peter Merlin informed me where to look.

March 16:   Added official report on the demise of 965 courtesy of Peter Merlin.

March 12:   New links in the "Real Habus" section of the links page.

March 11:   Added video and changed background color for multimedia page (the red on black was just too hard on the eyes). Also added 5 line-art GIFs to the NASA/DFRC mirror site.

March 3:   New subsection on the links page for online magazine articles. Also added an unofficial-but-sanctioned NASA/DFRC mirror site which offers the SR-71 and YF-12 photos from NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center.

February 21:   Added 2 new photos of Don Person with 974.

February 20:   Added new section for books and videos.

February 13:   Added link for Kevin Helm's F-117A page.

February 2:   Added new section for MultiMedia.

January 29:   Added link for Neville Dawson.

January 28:   Updated info on 929 and 939.  4,000 visitors in the first 3 months of operation.

January 23:   New color photo of 974 courtesy of Don and Dennis.

January 15:   Another new photo via Don Person; this time of 965.

January 13:   Updated pages for 957 and 977 with eyewitness accounts from Donald Person.

January 7:   Added photo of 969 from her first crew chief, Donald Person. Updated credits page.

January 4, 1999:   Moved "web counter" to the About Habu page. Added new section for Sound Files and Audio Clips, with corresponding references on the links and credits pages.

December 28:   New photo of 956.

December 25:   Added new photos of 973.  New expanded thumbnail format will be used as a model for other pages with multiple images, which should definitely improve page loading times.

December 21:   Updated link for Paul Voloshin.

December 15:   New link and photo for 959.

December 6:   Included new photos of 938, 959, 967, and 979.  Added info on 959.  Updated Links and Credits pages.

December 3:   Additions for the Links page.

December 2:   Added "web counter" to the main page.

November 27 & 28:   Added new photos for 924, 926, 928, 937, 950, 960, 962, 973, and 975.  Updated About Habu.Org page.

November 23:   Returned from photo safari with photos of 926 and 937, which will be posted over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Updated location info on 924, 937, 960, 973, and 975.

November 5:   Added new entry on the main index page: "What is a 'Habu'?", with photos of 2 (count 'em!) different species of habu.

November 2:   Added Tom Mahood to the Links page (where I had forgotten to add him, even though he was on the Credits page - sorry, Tom). Also switched format of the What's New page to reverse chronological order, making it easier to see what's new...

October 30:   Completed Habu Museums section of links page.

October 29:   Added info on 968.

October 26, 1998:   Site opens a day ahead of schedule. Features photos of 43 of all 50 Lockheed blackbirds. Includes credits for all material borrowed from known sources. Severely incomplete links page (expect to see almost daily additions).

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